Friday, June 24, 2016


You might have noticed it's been all about exaggerated sleeves lately. Bell, oversized, and today's case...puffed. What these sleeves have in common?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Birthday Girl

And another year rolls around! As I recently blew out my candles, birthday outfits come to mind. We always go for favorites on our birthday, no? Favorite color, style of dress, type of jewelry, etc. Well, it's no surprise on my birthday, I decided on the prettiest colors of them all.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer Suede

As they say in fashion, it's all in details. And that's definitely what comes to mind when I saw this gorgeous little number.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Casual Gal

Summer days have arrived, and I'm all ready for the traditional beach days & barbecues and all of that, but one thing we all should appreciate that this season brings...easy outfits

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Five way, My way | Teaming up with Coco Reef

Bikini season is fast approaching, who's ready! Us girls know how major it is to be stocking the cutest swimsuits for the summer time sunshine. Yup, we take our bikini fashion pretty seriously these days. But what's levels above the look of a swimsuit when shopping for one? The fit. Oh, how many swimsuits we've left behind cause of the fit. Not only that, we want a swimsuit we can feel free to rock as many times as we want without tiring of it. Well, I've got you covered on all three bases this time around. Fit, fashion, and versatility. 

My little two piece from Coco Reef checks all three boxes. It's common knowledge that it's a bit more tricky swimsuit shopping for my bustier babes. You've got no worries with fit on this one since Coco Reef has specially designed swimsuits with underwire that provide shape and support for larger busts. Not to mention, the cutest choices too! This swimsuit season, prints are a hit once again! You can catch me matching the ocean blues with my turquoise printed bikini. And last but not least, versatility. You can have some fun with this one since this bikini can be styled 5 different ways! It comes with removable straps and a convertible neckline to style just the way you like it. You can style it the classic way, have it in a halter, or make it extra adorable by tying a bow in the front. I tied the straps at the back and went with a bandeau style. How would you style it? :)

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