Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Birthday Girl

And another year rolls around! As I recently blew out my candles, birthday outfits come to mind. We always go for favorites on our birthday, no? Favorite color, style of dress, type of jewelry, etc. Well, it's no surprise on my birthday, I decided on the prettiest colors of them all.

I had on a two piece set which I felt was perfect for the occasion. I was loving the open leg skirt! When you can't decide on a mini or a maxi, hey, why not go for a 2 in 1? What I like about open leg skirts/side slits is that it's sexy but not too out there. To me, slits are all about effortless sexiness, without having to inch up the hem all around. As for shoes and jewelry, diamonds and silver go beautifully with pink. Also, every girl needs a touch of sparkle on their birthday...and that's where my clutch comes in! :)  


Top // Skirt // Shoes 


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