Monday, September 19, 2016

Silk'n Solution

Let's face it, a woman's beauty regimen is serious business. It's safe to say that we all try our best in maintaining ourselves, but at times, it's not as easy as it seems to keep up.
One of my least favorite hassles in that department? Shaving. Every girl's gone through it all with hair removal, but shaving is one that definitely gets tedious. Especially those "last minute outfit change" days when you want to show some leg or go sleeveless so you end up speeding through with a razor in hand, and end with all those little nicks and cuts, only to feel stubble days later. And the ingrown hairs? Ohhh, the worst! 

Lucky for me, I've found an ultra chic solution that saves me so much time in the long run, and keeps me silky smooth and stubble free...permanently.
Yup! I'm jumping on the #NoShaveWave with the ever so luxurious Silk'n Flash&Go. With beautiful technology (pulsed light), Silk'n is the new way to remove unwanted hair forever. Seriously guys, it is very convenient having an efficient hair removal device like this laying around at home to use in your own time. Especially during those weeks when I feel like I'm constantly on-the-go, it's nice to know I can throw on any outfit anytime, and that shaving is one less thing on the mind. So, who's ready to join the Silk'n not shaven revolution with me? You won't look back, promise! ;) 



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