Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Embroidery at its finest

 Today's talk is oh-so feminine chic. So when I think about ultra girlish fashion, the first thought that comes to mind is a classy beautiful dress. But what's more important than the dress itself? The fit. Not too tight and not too loose, it's gotta be juuust right. And what's always right and never seems to fail is a classic fit and flare. Super flattering, it accentuates our womanly figure, all while giving room to breathe.

From the classic fit to the classic feminine design: lace. Just how gorgeous is the embroidery of this dress? From the sequins, to the velvet trimmed trim to double V-necks, it's so eye catching; yet in such a and dainty way. Not to mention, I found the most delicate glam earrings to match. The combination of the intricate black detailing with the rose dust tone of the dress, sultry feel to the girly look and I am just looooving it!

Let's get down to shoes, I mean how can you not love it? It has a bow on it! Your inner princess can not resist these shoes, that's for sure. To go along with the bow pumps, I decided to carry along with me an adorable mini purse.
A flared dress, lace detailing, simple jewelry, bow pumps, mini purses, and soft makeup. Ultra feminine chic? Check. ;)



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