Sunday, May 15, 2016

LBD | Little Blue Dress

Another throwback that popped up on the runways for the 2016 spring season may have you reminiscing to your playground days. Bows! Yup, bows have grown with us and as I'm a lover of all things girly, the fact that I'm seeing more and more bows sprinkled onto outfits recently makes me a happy girl. They just make everything look a whole lot prettier, don't they?

They add a sweet and playful touch to an outfit, and whether you go bold with an actual bow top, or subtle with one tied around your ponytail, bows always add to a more feminine, ladylike feel. There's bow blouse collars, bow heels, tops with bow back ties. Basically, anything you can put one on, it's on there. For today's look, my choice of bow is the one that wraps around my waist.
Perfect for spring, a powder blue high neck dress. The waist belt that ties into the bow just adds a cute-sy touch to look that I just love! Finished the look with dainty pearl jewellery and my pearl toned pumps to match. So next time you're picking out an outfit, keep it cute and put a bow on it! :) 


Dress // Mura boutique

Some of my favorite items with bows


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