Wednesday, August 31, 2016


If you've noticed the change in's cause I'm on vacation! Yup, I've traded in the vibrant Miami scene for exotic Israeli nights this summer, and I'm super excited!
The other day I hit the streets of Tel Aviv in Yafo (Old Jaffa). Just to give you lil' background, Jaffa is an ancient port city which has grown through the years to become quite the unique attraction. While there are ancient buildings and passageways, the city has many cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, etc, with amazing sunset views to modern Tel Aviv. It's definitely a beautiful blend of old meets new.
 And if you ever happen to find yourself hungry in these streets, a local and tourist favorite is shakshuka. Shakshuka is basically a spiced up egg and tomato dish. Simple but so yum! A local spot to try it out would be Dr. heard it here first! 

As for my look of the day, I kept it casual glam (since I'm technically not a tourist and more on the side of a local, let's not expect typical tourist attire lol). We all know I love me a good jumpsuit. They're an easy, no-fuss option, and I can't have enough in my closet.
I have on a beautiful white jumpsuit with cut out mesh detailing. Mesh is a win-win for me right now. It's in style and it keeps me cool from the summer heat, what can I say! Chrome heels to finish, and I'm out to hit the city! :) 



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