Sunday, March 12, 2017

Winter Wonderland | Colorado Travel Diary Part 1

The other weekend I took a mini break from the everyday grind, and traded in Florida's humid shine with Colorado's frosty chill.
Sidenote, it was also my first time seeing snow (yay!), so I guess you could say it was my own little version of winter wonderland! The snow was simply magical. And not being used to these sort of temperatures, I was beyond freezing, but on the bright side I was finally able to whip out some oh-so cute winter wear (little red riding hood vibes maybe? lol styled with a trusty pair of over the knees). I picked the right day to wear red at Chautauqua Park, talk about a contrast! It was 13 degrees that day, but being surrounded by fresh, beautiful snow, who would really mind. Being the first time seeing it myself, I was definitely not disappointed. I wasn't able to stay out for too long though, since there was a blizzard most of the day. So stunning, but that meant fun in the snow was over and it was time to head back in to warm up!



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