Thursday, July 13, 2017

Alex and Ani Grand Opening Dadeland Mall

I am super excited to share with you guys about a recent event I was fortunate enough to host, held by the one&only Alex and Ani! It was the Grand Opening of their new store in Dadeland Mall here in Miami, and I am so honored to have been a part of it. Alex and Ani is a brand that creates "meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry and accessories to positively empower and connect humanity". 

If you're a person who believes in and embraces the power of positive energy like the brand itself, how amazing is it that their products and designs are made with love and positive intention and is meant to empower you? Besides the fact that the jewelry is just gorgeous, how can you not want to rock a piece based on that fact alone?! There's a design for everyone, whether sentimental or symbolic (ie. for protection, power, and intention), and you can mix and add to the pieces and designs so that it even more so beautifully reflects you. Some of my favorite pieces are the Swarovski Crystal Beaded Bracelets, the gorgeous Liberty Copper Collection, Words are Powerful Bangles, and the stunning Birth Symbol Ring Wrap!
 Alex and Ani is a special brand to me as I've loved it since I was just a teen, and it has gone through life with me as I've grown up. No matter what age I was or phase I was going through, Alex and Ani always had a piece that called my name. Their jewelry is incredibly diverse and timeless with a unique meaning for each and every of one us, which is why it's a brand so widely loved. Whether you're a teenager ready to take on the world, finding yourself through your 20s, or kickin' back enjoying the retired life, there'll be designs that speak such meaning to you. So of course it's no surprise the turn out at their Dadeland Mall grand opening was amazing! To give you an idea, there was line for the store before the mall even opened!

Alex and Ani knows how to make a girl feel special, walking up to a welcome banner and being able to cut the ribbon, I was so honored! They sure know how to pull off an opening down to the littlest of details (a tiki hut with popsicle carts...and the logos on the popsicle wrappers? amazing!). The customers were pampered with a nail station and a hand massage station (makes sense to me, nothing beats new sparkling jewelry on freshly manicured, tense-free hands, right? lol, the best!). Let's not forget the mimosas and champagne going around, too!
The event included giveaways, discounts, and I was also given my own personalised discount cards to give out to 30 people. Another reason I am such a huge supporter and why I just love this brand is that Alex and Ani is very much involved and supportive of charity organizations (Best Buddies, one of the biggest charities they work with, was also a part of the event!). They created Charity by Design which is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for non-profit organizations worldwide, and to date the company has donated more than $46 million to nonprofits worldwide. So incredible! They work with so many charities and you're also able to choose what charity you'd like to donate with your order.

More than just an amazing jewelry brand, I love what Alex and Ani stand for. All about empowerment, positive energy, and generosity, just what the world needs. And I feel so fortunate to have been a part of such an amazing event! :)


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