Monday, December 18, 2017

Frayed Hem Tweed

There's been a chill in the Miami air recently, with no complaints from me because it means I can finally join in on some winter (kinda winter?) fashion fun. First out the wardrobe we have...a beautiful tweed blazer. Now, let's talk tweed for a second. Rewind back to even a century ago, tweed was a popular choice of fabric based on practicality- it's tough, durable, and keeps you warm. Fast forward to today's high-end and street-wear, tweed's making a fashion statement. The texture is eye-catching, and tends to sharpen or chic up a look in my opinion. 
Tweed can be played around with, either dressed up or laid back, but today, I'm keeping it simple. This frayed edge tweed blazer would obviously be the star of any outfit, how gorgeous is that pattern? And those pearl buttons? Oh, I'm all about the details. I thought it would look great with a high neck, and since it is a longline, it would also go perfectly with a good ol' pair of black, sleek thigh highs! :)



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