Friday, November 11, 2016

Layering Trend

With fall season here and winter fast approaching, it's time to pile them on! I'm talking layers here, and not only is it simply practical, but naturally this time of year layering is made trendy in the fashion world.
Layers can make outfits look more stylish with the mix and match of different lengths, colors, and textures. So whether it's a bomber jacket over an open flannel over a tee, or just a slip dress over a t-shirt, you can definitely use layers to make a look more interesting. It's fun to play with for sure, buuuuut living in sunny Florida means I can't play too much, lol. So, I guess I have to settle for subtle illusions.

At first glance, it looks like I have on a cropped vest over a blouse, but it's actually one top. And I just love it! Minimal yet stylish, and flattering as well. As for bottoms, I opted for leather pants for a bit of oomph (gotta add some edge to a somewhat preppy look!) in the outfit. Now for shoes, I went with boots with a twist. How do you guys feel about the "clear heel" aka perspex heels trend going around? For some it's a hit, for some it's a miss. It's obviously a hit for me! It's different and fun with a futuristic feel, so I'm all for it. Last, but definitely not least, this mini backpack? Two words, how CUTE. :)



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