Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Michael Kors | Sexy Ruby Fragrance

I've recently mentioned on one of my Instagram posts a little bit about confidence. Confidence is key is definitely an expression that holds its weight out here in the real world. But girls, I know you're with me on this, we have those random days for whatever reason we feel like we're slacking in that department. And on those days especially is when I swear and live by the motto "when you look good, you feel good" because to me confidence is ultimately feeling my best within myself no matter where I am. So what are a couple of my go-to confidence boosters? Things that make me feel bold, sexy, and empowered...red and an amazing new perfume, Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Pefume! And for today's post, I'm all decked out in both. 

This red dress has sultry all over it without showing much at all. With a high neck and a deep V cut combined with sheer red lace on top and down the sides of the dress, beautifully bold comes to mind.  It's both elegant and sexy, which makes it that much more empowering strutting around in. For my second booster, that's where Michael Kors' newest fragrance Sexy Ruby comes in. And girls, it sure lives up to its name! I can not get enough of the perfectly combined fruity/floral scent (it has notes of juicy raspberry and apricot combined with the fresh notes of rose petal and Indian jasmine sambac). Who actually doesn't like to smell good? A few spritzes and you'll feel your sexy for sure be magnified! 

And to finish off my look, my final pick-me-up comes in the form of a swipe of red on the lips. We all have our little things that make us feel better, bold, and ready to own the day. Have them on hand when you just feel you need a little extra something, hold your head up high, and be confident! :)



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