Monday, June 8, 2015

Peony and Me | Fashion Meets Fitness

When you look good, you feel good. That is basically a fact. So what can help us through getting up for a killer workout? Cute workout gear, of course. :)

Personally, having some pretty workout clothes gives me an extra boost of motivation. And there's some science to back it up! There was a study a few years ago about "enclothed cognition",meaning the mental changes we have when we wear certain clothing. For example, if you start to wear athletic clothing you like, you become more active and more likely to get to the gym.

Sooo, that's even more reason to give up old shirts and sweats, and go for some bright colors and fun prints! I'm sporting Peony and Me workout leggings from Perry Ellis' new line. The bright blue pop of color is not only fun, but it's just what I need to see for a boost when my workout is feeling dull. Workout gear that's functional andddd cute?? It's a win. :) 



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  2. Amazing fitness wear. The shiny blue leggings look stunning. Had never seen such a meeting of fashion and fitness. Just loved it. Planning to buy elegant best workout clothes for myself. Have been checking online stores for some discounted ones.


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