Friday, January 15, 2016

Denim Skirt

Ladies, we're throwin' it back for this one. Think way back to when you were in, let's say middle school or high school. Okay, now think of your wardrobe (don't we all try to forget our outfit choices those years? lol) There was one piece that alllll us girls were rockin' back in the day. Two words. Denim skirts.

In fashion, things come and go...and come back again, and denim skirts made a huge 360! You've probably noticed it's been everywhere lately, but not just the "standard" jean skirt we used to have in our closets. It's coming in many variations this time around, like pencil skirts, button-front, high waisted, etc. Basically, there's one for everyone!  
My pick of skirt is this jean mini with different kinds of denim crafted together. I just love the contrast of the denims, and how it looks like "patchwork" definitely gives it a funky vibe. It being the star of the show, so to speak, I decided on a solid crop top and simple suede heels. For a super casual look, tuck in a white tee and throw on a pair of Converse. You could totally dress the skirt to your liking, up, down, or in between. Who else is excited that this throwback made it's way to the top of the trends?? 



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  1. Very nice dress. you looking awesome. Please have a look at my wrap around skirt collections. i hope you love it.


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