Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mustard Yellow

I've been all about my neutrals and darks lately, but I thought it was about time I go for a little wardrobe pick-me-up. And this is where I say hellooo yellow. If you'd look into your closet, I'm pretty sure you don't have a stock of yellow clothes hanging around. It's not particularly known as, let's say, a favorite go-to color. But trust me, you can pull it off! 

First off, starting small you can always energize your look with accessories. Yellow bursts of heels or a clutch add fun pops of contrast to your outfit. Now if you want to go for a yellow dress, but don't feel that "ray of sunshine" statement, go for a different hue.
Mustard yellow, perhaps? It's toned down, not as bold, and can definitely sneak its way into a few of your winter outfits in the form of sweaters and cardigans. 

As for me, my mustard yellow something is a double layer dress (check out those playful little cutouts, adorable touch!). This shade of yellow goes beautifully with deep, rich colors so I went with hues of brown for the shoes and clutch. Because a high neck means I go the simple route with accessories, stud earrings and a gold watch is the only bling I'm rockin'. :) So, who's got plans to brighten up their closet this season?  



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