Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Overall Comeback

Fashion, you've done it again. Crop tops, flannels, and combat boots made its way out of the 90s and back into our hearts and closets, but blasts from the pasts continue to pop up, don't they? My recent memory of overalls might have been on a playground, but oh, playground to the streets we go. Overalls have been back for quite some time now, and farmers aren't the only ones rockin' this throwback trend.

Now, as always, first comes the fit. Do you want to go for roomy and laid-back or fitted and slinky? Personally, I recommend going right down the middle. There is no way I'm taking the comfort out of overalls, but I still want some shape and form. I'd say right in between the fit of skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans. Juuust right. 
Overalls do have a boyish charm to it, and mine have more of an edge going on with the distressed denim, so a sprinkle of girly glam in the mix won't do any wrong. Crop top and heels it is. :) So, hopping back on the overalls train anyone? 



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