Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Pantsuit

As you've probably realized, your choice of style can have quite an impact on your mentality and how you're feeling. It's practically been proven! So, when I've got things under control and I'm feelin' those girl boss vibes, what am I wearing? A pantsuit. There's just something about suiting up that gives you a little power boost. It's no wonder that pantsuits have been everywhere lately and made it's way into street style, not just officewear. Thinking about it, but not sure how to pull it off? I got you!

1. Mix it up. It's not like the old days when the tops and bottoms were always worn in the same size. Add a modern twist and have some fun with it! Try an oversized blazer with the pants fitted. Or in my case, go for a wide leg. Whatever the match, go for the fit that best suits your body type. As for what to wear under, a t shirt works for the girls who like a laid-back meets formal look. For my girls who are into that celeb high-fashion style, no top underneath for an ultra sexy pantsuit look. I went right for the middle with a crop top, not too bold, not too basic.

2. Accessorize. When wearing a pantsuit, the accessories can determine the feel of the look you're going for. Bold accessories add a glamour factor to your outfit, while minimal accessories add to a more effortless chic look. I decided to keep my all white outfit sleek and chic by choosing simple jewelry.

3. Heels. Wearing heels with a pantsuit is a must in my book! A feminine touch to a strong outfit. 

So, who's ready to give dresses a break and suit up already? :)



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