Thursday, March 3, 2016

Detachable Tulle Skirt

It's time to put another #NYFW look in the books, so let's rewind a couple weeks back! I wanted something different than what I usually wear (never hesitate to switch things up and try a new look every now and then!), but I still went for my go-to recipe: a hint of edge, a scoop of girly, and a sprinkle of chic. 

What I love about this piece is that it's basically a versatile two piece. It's a fitted romper with a fun little detachable sheer skirt, but there's always options for a mix and match. Keep the skirt on if you're going for flirty ballerina vibes, or take it off and wear the romper as a bodysuit with a pair of jeans over for a sleek and chic look. As for me, you already know I couldn't resist the skirt of course but keep in mind I was in New York at the time in February. To make up for my legs, I put on booties and threw on a side zip jacket. Since the whole outfit was black, I went for gold with the shoes and clutch to sparkle up my look. And there it is, another one of my #NYFW looks down! 



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