Monday, July 18, 2016

Chiffon + Embroidery

Because sometimes just cute & casual (with a lil' bit of sass) is what I go for when glam takes a day off, today's outfit is my twist on a classic look... girl-next-door. 

When I think of the typical "girl-next-door" type of look, two words come to mind: simple and cute. And what's more classic than a pair of shorts and a white top right? But of course, you gotta add some flair! The blouse is oversized and flowy (you can definitely play it into an off shoulder....and how gorgeous are the sleeves?) which is perfect to tuck into a good ol' pair of high-waisted shorts. And I love the couple of prints on the front of the shorts, kind of a throwback, no? It reminds me of the denim way back when everyone had some sort of stitching, jewels, or whatever bedazzle on, lol. And adding some edge (and bulk!) to the outfit, a pair of comfy, chunky tie-ups. How would you mix up a classic girl next door look? :)



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