Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mangos and Massages

Let me say something real quick. I LOVE being a fashion blogger. Love, love, looove. But I say this often because it's the truth: Running a fashion blog is not as easy as it looks. Don't be surprised when I say that I don't just twirl in pretty dresses and play with makeup all day long (I love that part though lol). There's a lot of 'behind the scenes' that goes on, and sometimes, when things add up, it can get a tinyyy bit overwhelming. These days everyone's busy doing their own thing, so who couldn't use a day off to unwind? Some of you may use your free time to go for a gym session, go to the mall for a little retail therapy, or maybe even stay home with a good cup of tea. We all have our different ways to relax. So what does it mean when a princess needs to be pampered?? Get the robe on, IT'S SPA TIME!! 

I spent the other night having an amazing experience in South Beach at The Ritz-Carlton Spa (aka heaven on earth) getting their new 'Taste of The Tropics' body treatment. The fresh mango and guava-incorporated body scrub they used, which eliminates dead skin and hydrates, had my skin looking healthy,glowing, and seriously feeling baby soft. Oh I'm not done yet. After they rinsed the scrub off, I was treated to a muscle-melting massage! The aromas of the scrub and mango massage oil they used, had me feeling like I was on a mini 50 minute vacation on a tropical island. Since the body treatment was inspired by their new signature Mango Guava scented candle, they give one to take home! I ended my night at the Ritz by popping champagne and chillin' at the jacuzzi! I went to bed feeling so light and refreshed. Being completely relaxed with no more annoying knots or body tension = the best night's sleep.

Ok, ready for some beauty talk? Mango and guava are both rich in vitamin A, which is an antioxidant extremely helpful in the renewal of skin cells (that's why it's used in sooo many beauty and facial products). Mango is especially moisturizing when used on the skin, so if you're just at home and need a quick 'pick me up', I have an easy, DIY mango face mask for you! :) 
Mash up some mango for 1 tablespoon of mango pulp. 1 teaspoon of honey. 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt. Mix it all together and apply it on a clean face. Let it dry for about 15 minutes then wash it off. Done! Super easy, super hydrating. 

We all get caught up with family, work, school, and our responsibilities. We all get stressed out at times. When things get hectic, remember to take a deep a breath, take a time out and pamper yourself! Go to the beach at sunset, spend the day at home watching your favorite shows, or treat yourself to a spa day! Whatever makes you happy. Because "sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax." Have a great week, loves! :)


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