Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Retro Gal

I've talked about my love for flared pants, so how about flared sleeves get in on some of that spotlight? The 70s fever is still making its rounds, and I am here for it! Bell sleeves can come with a modern twist these days; subtle, sleeker, and chicer than before, but they still come in all types of shapes and sizes, so for today's case it's...go big or go home!

I am loving the drama of the sleeves I'm rockin', it makes a girl feel like she can just fly away (batgirl, maybe? lol)! Bell sleeves can sure make a statement, but at the same time add an element of girly fun to an outfit. Because of the fab volume the sleeves add, I feel it's a good decision to go fitted for the bottom. To add some color and spice to my look, I went with a chevron printed skirt. My top is backless, so no doubt I had a coat nearby! And my shiny leather boots? Not only pretty, these beauties had me covered through rain or snow, making it a breeeeze to strut my stuff carefree. :)



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