Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tulle and Spring Pastels

You guys should know by now. I love putting together girly, princess type looks. I just can nottttt control myself. My hands have a mind of their own when it comes to picking outfits. :)
If you remember some of my previous posts, I am obsessed with these tulle skirts by Bliss Tulle. I am in my 20's now, so I can't pull off wearing tulle skirts everyday (if I could...I would, trust me lol), BUT every woman has their "Sex and the City" moods every now and then which are the perfect moments to rock this fabulous skirt.

I'm wearing a spaghetti strap crop top and a mini tulle skirt. The front of the crop top is leather with a corset lining giving a flattering illusion, and the back is zippered with a cotton feel. Tulle, leather, and cotton. I am loving the different textures mixed together since both the top and skirt are shades of blush pink. To accent the hint of gold in the band of the skirt, I went with gold headwear (I do love crowns ;) ). Finished the look off with jeweled earrings and nude gold studded heels. Don't you just love golds and neutrals with soft pastels? The magical combination! :)

Photo Credit: AlimacPhotography 


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