Monday, May 16, 2016

Hellooo Barbados | JetBlue Getaways

While Florida might be the ultimate vacation spot for some, living here means every now and then I could use my own paradise away from paradise. First thought to mind? Ohhh the Caribbean, of course! And fortunately for those of us in Florida, JetBlue recently launched daily flights from Fort Lauderdale to Barbados. Wait, easier access to Barbados? Sooo in. I was able to be a part of their JetBlue Getaways on first flight ever from Fort Lauderdale, and let me tell you, from take off, mid-air, to landing, the festivities were all around. It was literally music to my ears when I reached the gate, with Barbadian jazz music and a saxophone playing, dancers in costumes, and...dessert! The Barbadian spirit continued onto the plane with a towel of JetBlue and Barbados and cute little flags of Barbados on each seat. The flight itself was a breeze (and still a fiesta!), with it being a direct route.
Once I landed in vibrant Barbados, I was checked into the gorgeous Bougainvillea Beach Resort with the most charming, picturesque view. By that time, besides a feast for my eyes, I was ready for an actual feast! An obvious must when you're in this part of the world: seafood! I checked out one of the resort's restaurants Lanterns by the Sea and enjoyed the freshest, most delicious Mahi Mahi. Since I arrived late afternoon, it was a chill rest of the day for me, taking in the beauty and fresh air of the Caribbean. :)
Waking up Friday morning in Barbados, first morning of my JetBlue Getaways, it was no surprise the first thought on my mind was...beaches. Yup, I definitely wouldn't mind spending the day in those gorgeous waters. The enchanting beaches of Barbados is one of the reasons why this island has paradise status. And just as I expected, the pictures you see online can not compare with the beauty of it in person. The white sand and turquoise water...stunning!

To match my glamorous view for the day, I decided to take my swimsuit fashion up a notch. A red hot wrap one piece. And get this, it can be tied in 25 different ways. 25! Versatile, comfortable, and lets you have some fun with your imagination. As for me, my rest & relaxation continued on the beach, by the pool, and with a pina colada in hand of course! :)



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