Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Boho Chic in Overlay Playsuit

 Girls, you ever have those days when you're feeling super laid back, but still want to dress chic? You know what I mean. Not feeling too basic like a jeans and t-shirt, but not about to be all dolled up either. Those days are perfect...to go boho.
Bohemian chic is all about that signature easy-going, laid back style (what do we expect for a style that was born in the hippie era lol). One big tell of boho fashion is the print; florals, paisley, geometric, etc. For today's look, paisley's once again the retro print of choice.
I'm wearing a gorgeous overlay playsuit. A cross between a maxi dress and a romper, super light and flattering, perfect for spring/summer. I just love the look of the mixed lengths with the deep V, as well. I traded in the traditional boho ankle booties for ankle wedges (super comfy!), threw on my round sunnies, put my hair in a braided crown (I did a tutorial on this hairstyle some time back, very simple!). Just one last piece and a hint of the '90s, a navy choker to match the print of the playsuit. Effortless and easy yet still stylish with some personality, that's boho chic for ya! :)




  1. Love this look! I didn't realise it was a play suit at first and I immediately want one now, it's so wearable and versatile x

    Gabrielle Isabella

    1. Yes! It's so perfect for summer 👌🏼 I'm obsessed. Definitely a must in every girl's closet!


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